Level of air pollution exceeds the norm in Yerevan (video)

Wherever you look, you can see widespread construction, numerous vehicles and reduction of green spaces…According to the results of the studies made in 2010-2013, the level of air pollution in Yerevan exceeds the norms.

“During the research, we found that there are ore deposits in Yerevan that become sources of dust and dirt,” said Lilit Sahakyan, Head of Environmental Geochemistry Department at the Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies of RA NAS.

Congestion adds to the aforesaid factors to further increase pollution. According to the data of the State Revenue Committee of Armenia, the number of imported cars has increased significantly in the country.  Overall 41,100 vehicles were imported to Armenia in 2013. Lilit Sahakyan also conditions the air pollution with the ongoing construction.

The studies have revealed that the city is divided into two parts: the northern district, i.e Nork and Avan, are buried in dust, while the southern districts, the industrial parts of the capital, are overloaded with heavy metals.

Ecologist Hasmik Evoyan blames the pollution on environmental mismanagement: “It would be better to transfer the management of the sphere to public,” she said.

Watch the video to know the opinion of our citizens about the air pollution.