The question of the communication language with Armenia will be discussed: Azatutyun

According to the head of Russia’s Federal Customs Service Andrey Belyaninov one of the urgent problems for Armenia in the process of joining Customs Union is the information partnership. On Wednesday in Belorussia, at the press conference following the meeting in Novopolotsk, he said, that he is most concerned about the question of information exchange.

“The contact language of customs service in Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan is Russian, and in Armenia- Armenian,”- he said and added that serious work must be done, or “we can’t understand each other”. “Much must be learned again,”- added Belyaninov.

According to him, Armenia openly works with the future partners of Customs Union.

“Interfax” quotes that Andrey Belyaninov also said that strict periods are set for Armenia to join the CU, it is considered, that the process must be nearly finished in half a year.