Those having bird’s voice “conquered” Armenian radio

On November 2013 during the General Conference of UNESCO, February 13 was declared World Radio Day. Just on February 13 in 1946 “UN radio’ was broadcast for the first time, which station was in the UN’s headquarters.

Today in the Public Radio, few people knew about this. “We celebrate our holiday on May 7,”- they say.

The announcer Anahit Hovhannisyan has worked at the Public Radio for 20 years. She always dreamed of working at radio. “After graduating from the Faculty of Philology I quickly passed to work. It was difficult in cold and dark years: recorders, cassette players were getting cold, but we overcame,”- she notes proudly.

Mrs. Hovhannisyan considers the main problem of the present day radio the existence of irrelevant programs at some radio stations. “There are topics, which must not be discussed on radio. The language of radio has always been the purest and clearest. For example shows, the youth may not agree, don’t give anything to soul, they are superficial and easily forgotten,”- she added.

Another veteran of the Public radio, radio-announcer Sargis Najaryan clearly remembers, how at the age of 19 he came to radio and has worked in this field for 44 years. “Radio differs from TV. The employees of radio must be highly developed and fit the requirements of radio, especially beautiful voice, which must be developed and decided, which program they must run,”- he notes.

Mr. Najaryan regrets to say that today people far from radio work at radio. “They conduct programs with bird’s voice. There are radio stations where the voice of a smoking girls turns into a boy’s voice, and the boys’ voice is very lyrical and doesn’t say anything to listeners. The listeners need pleasant voices while on TV everything is based on visual and always the drawbacks aren’t noticeable, as beautiful clothes become important.”

The announcer isn’t surprised that the youth doesn’t listen to radio- the values have been changed. “As Internet exists with porno videos. The majority of the youth sleeps in the afternoon, and at night they are detached to the Internet. They listen to radio when rap or stupid music are heard from afar. They don’t understand that radio is the main media, giving the most knowledge.”

Sargis Najaryan doesn’t harry to accuse the nation for such a scene. “First human nature is important, how he was born and what he wants and the second is the environment which makes a person become empty and lose values. Today the youth must be the best but they even can’t find a job, because they don’t have knowledge, but when asked they finished wonderful universities,”- he summed up.