Armen Ashotyan about ANC (video)

Today after the government’s session, the Minister of Education and the RPA Deputy Chairman Armen Ashotyan without waiting the journalists’ questions decided to speak about the March 1 events of 2008 and the activities of the ANC.

Literally he spoke about the ANC in such a way, ”The incomprehensible organization, power, party called ANC, don’t understand finally what they are talking about, has collected no political fund for 6 years and only the blood and memory of the people died during those catastrophic events.

It is a pity that a political power has had no political product, base for 6 years except what happened in our country 6 years ago. It is one of the vivid forms of poor politics.”

As Mr. Ashotyan says, he remembers how, “One of the leaders of the ANC was negotiating with the representative of the PA and was bargaining the March 1 and the memory of victims and the events in general (he means Levon Zurabyan and Vardan Okanyan).

RPA Deputy Minister regards only the approach of ANC deputy Nikol Pashinyan when he announced that he was going to sleep at Miasnikyan’s statue, “Ha has a reason to say such a thing, what for example Levon Zurabyan doesn’t have- to sleep on the square where all those catastrophic events took place or Levon Ter- Petrosyan. Do you imagine everybody sleeping at home that night as Levon Ter-Petrosyan?”