The NA deputy of NKR fights against the high gas price

The independent MP of the NKR National Assembly Vahan Badasyan has raised the question of high gas price in the NKR gas stations for many times. The deputy thinks, though both the RA and the NKR gas stations buy gas from the “ArmRusgasprom” company at the same price, more expansive and poor quality gas is sold to NK drivers. Compared with Armenia the gas price is twice higher. It also raises the transport and product prices. In the NA full and clear answers weren’t given to the deputy’s questions on this issue, the government didn’t take any steps to fix this situation. V. Badasyan is sure that this behavior of the government is explained by the fact of the business sponsorship by some authorities. As there are two independent deputies in the NA, there is no possibility to solve this problem by legislative means.

The MP plans to launch a signature to include the question of gas price reduction to the political agenda. The active participation of drivers and other layers of population in this initiative is expected.

In the near future Vahan Badasyan will present details concerning this question