Strikes are one of the achievements of Armenia

Armenia’s first Human Rights Ombudsman Larissa Alaverdyan says employers are violating human rights by making deductions from employees’ wages and transferring the money to the funded pension system.

“The Constitutional Court of Armenia is of great value for Armenians. Now that our high-ranking officials began commenting on the decision of the Constitutional Court, it means that they are flouting the law,” said Mrs. Alaverdyan.

She condemns the mandatory funded pension component and considers the wave of protests and strikes over the pension reform to be one of the greatest achievements of Armenia after the Soviet regime.

“The demands of workers are fully justified. Arbitrariness begins with the authorities and the government. After all the pension law says that workers are free to choose the institution to which they want to transfer the money, but as we can see they do not exercise that right. Employers are breaching this provision of law,” she said.

The Constitutional Court is scheduled to open hearings on the appeal against the reform on March 28.