Metro employees join protests against pension reform (video)

Protests against the government’s controversial pension reform are gaining momentum in Armenia, with more and more people joining the ranks of I Am Against group leading the campaign against the mandatory pension component.

Employees of Yerevan Karen Demirtchyan Metropolitan took to the street in the morning in protest against the mandatory pension contributions.

Some 30 employed of the Metropolitan gathered the Metropolitan headquarters near “Barekamutyun” Metro Station in an attempt to make their complaint audible for the administration and demanding to stop deduction of their monthly wages for the mandatory funded pension system.

The Metro has about 1,500 employees, but most of them are elderly people, therefore the number of demonstrators was comparatively few.

“We want our money back,” said the protesters.

The group pointed out that the administration had not warned them about the pending deductions in advance, and none of them had agreed to pay money to the funded pension system.