One day we can wake up and not see “Zvartnots” (video) (video)

The old building of “Zvartnots” airport is as seismic as the government building, assures Public Council member Gagik Manasyan. He considers unreasonable destroying the former passenger terminal under the “seismic” pretext.

The President of the Union of Architects also shares this opinion. He advises to study well the airport building, understand what kind of resources it has and find the best solution, which will please everybody.

Both the Union of Architects and the Public Council assure that they continue fighting as much as they are able. They regret to say that they have no right to make decision, but they won’t be silent about the arbitrary decisions concerning “Zvartnots”.

While the public keeps silence and the relevant structures are struggling through awareness, the Government has already approved the administrator’s master plan to destroy the building of “Zvartnots”. It means that one day we can wake up and see that there is no building.

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