“Anush”’s fate is still unknown (video) (video)

The audience of the failed “Anush” opera in A. Spendiarian Opera and Ballet National Academic Theatre can watch the performance on February 24. It has been told to “A1+” by the chief administrator of the theatre Zhirayr Tigranyan.

“The audience can keep the thickets and take part in the next performance. But it is preferable to return the thickets and take back the money of course and bay it again. And who won’t return, the thicket will be valid. The same thicket can be sold twice,”- said Mr. Tigranyan.

Mr.Tigranyan had difficulty to answer, if on February 24 the actors won’t boycott again and “Anush” opera won’t be removed. It means, that the issue hasn’t been resolved yet.

“Now “Anush” opera is in our playlist,”- said the chief administrator of Opera and Ballet National Academic Theatre.

It should be noted, that yesterday the actors of “Anush” opera didn’t come out on stage, and the reason was the mandatory retirement deductions from January salaries.