Driving taxi “becomes easy”


The Government on behalf of the Transport Ministry intends to simplify the licensing system to the point that it becomes uncontrollable, thinks the head of the Consumers Association Armen Poghosyan. “It means that everyone can drive a taxi without yellow number plates. Besides the inspections of drivers’ health status and maintenance of cars are to be removed, I am against it too, and the Ministry of Health is also against. Even if it isn’t done every day, it must be done every five days. According to me, the cause of the most of the accidents is either the cars’ maintenance or the drivers’ health state,”- says Mr. Poghosyan.

Last year, taxi drivers and the organizations protecting their rights came out to the streets to protest legislative changes and tax increases. The head of the Consumer Association indicates, that under their pressure the interim situation has been created. “The old half-measures, the new law isn’t mandatory or discretionary. In short, the decision of removing the yellow number plate is not final.”