EU urged to hold new elections in Ukraine

The EU urged to set up a new government in Ukraine after which free and fare president elections must be held in the country.

The union with this announcement on Monday though didn’t call to accept sanctions against Ukraine.

The Foreign Ministers of the EU member countries made an appeal in Brussels connected with the creation of a new government and constitutional reforms in the joint announcement made on the results of the meeting held on Monday.

And as the EU suggests improving the economic relations, the foreign ministers didn’t come up with the announcement of adopting sanctions.

Now Russia is on the centre of attention where the Winter Olympic Games are held, and after which, according to the Ukrainian protesters, the Government will again turn to violence with the help of Russia.

The US Senator John McCain in his earlier interview to “The Voice of America” expressed concern about the future steps of the Russian president Vladimir Putin in Ukraine after the Olympic Games in Sochi.

“I am much concerned what Vladimir Putin will do in Ukraine after the Olympic Games in Sochi. The situation is serious. The maximum which we can do is to act jointly with the EU and to sign financial agreement with Ukraine,”- said Senator McCain.