Police wiretapped opposition activists’ conversation

The police in Armenia have illegally tapped the conversation of Armenian National Congress (HAK) activists, HAK member Areg Gevorgyan said in interview with A1+.

“The police could only know about our plans and intention to gather at Mashtots Avenue through wiretapping,” he added.

Ten HAK activists were taken to Kentron Police Department from Mashtots Avenue at around 02:20 a.m. The young people had gathered at the avenue to inform people about the opposition’s rally due on March 1.

Areg Gevorgyan says they decided to go out at night in order to inform as many people as possible, “We have been doing it since 2008. Flyers and materials informing about rallies are quickly destroyed and torn apart by the police.”

The activists were kept in the police department for three hours. They were subjected to administrative penalty for ‘misuse of public space.’