Hayazn Party: By selling Vorotan Hydro Cascade officials aimed to gain US support

“Hayazn” Party strongly condemns Armenian authorities’ decision to grant the right to exploitation of natural resources in Armenia to foreigners.

“We are convinced that by selling the Vorotan hydroelectric power station complex, our authorities aimed to gain the support of foreign, in this case US support towards their inglorious power. The significantly lower price suggests that we deal with another case of seizure of public property. All attempts to justify the criminal deal by professional and political reasons are ridiculous and unacceptable.

We also condemn all politicians, who determined by their foreign affiliations, show a differentiated approach to the deal.

One of the priorities of the national revolution will be to restore the absolute public dominion of natural resources and the public monopoly of their exploitation through breaking all contracts signed in violation of this principle,” the party said in a statement issued on Feb. 10.

The Vorotan Hydro Cascade (on the Vorotan River in southern Armenia)  is a series of three hydroelectric power plants capable of generating 405 MW It is one of the largest and most flexible power generating facilities in Armenia and the Caucasus.