Paruyr Hayrikyan: We have not lost everything (video)

The newly independent Armenia is again losing its independence, Leader of the National Self-Determination Union, Paruyr Hayrikyan, said at Liberty Square on February 7. He reminded that in a democratic country people can manage their property freely and fully exercise their rights.

“We got independent from Russia which had been destroying our independence for 70 years. In order to become our ally, Russia should have introduced qualitative changes but Putin has openly stated that he supports the restoration of the USSR. We have nothing to say to such a man,” said Paruyr Hayrikyan.

Though the Armenian government has already approved the “roadmap” to Armenia’s accession to the Customs Union, Hayrikyan does not exclude the possibility of suspending the process. To this end, he expects consolidation of the opposition forces and people at least in his next rally scheduled for Feb. 18.

The Union has already started registering its supporters.