“Robert Nazaryan is responsible for everything in his sphere” (video)

Armenia is the only country in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) where gas prices are so high, says political analyst Andrias Ghukasyan.
He was not surprised to learn that in its February 5 sitting the National Assembly voted against the initiative [of non-coalition forces] on setting up an ad hoc committee to review gas tariffs.
“The behaviour is typical of the ruling authorities. They cannot openly discuss issues related to gas prices, this is just a cover-up,” he said.
The political analyst recalled that a few months ago over 15 000 citizens appealed to the Administrative Court with a demand to reconsider the gas prices and were again denied for the same reason.
With regard to the statement of Robert Nazaryan, Chairman of the Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC), that he is not authorized to answer questions about gas prices, Mr. Ghukasyan said, “Robert Nazaryan is responsible for everything related to the sector, he cannot simply be ignorant of certain issues. On the contrary, the structure led by Nazaryan has always wanted to prove that it is the only instance that is aware of everything, that’s why they determine the new tariffs.”