Villagers remained homeless and helpless

You cannot find a school, kindergarten and even outpatient clinic in Getapnya, one of the villages in Ararat marz. Villagers claim that none of the state infrastructures has been operating in the village since the day of opening.
Over 270 children of the village have to pass several kilometers every day to go to school in the neighbouring communities. Parents complain of extra expenses spent on the road. “We have to pay for transport,” said one of the angered villagers.
The locals also have to seek medical treatment in the neighbouring villages. “We have a nurse in the village who sits in the local administration building but she only registers patients, we need to go to Geghanist for treatment,” said Rima Vardanyan, a resident of Getapnya.
The villagers say nobody cares for them and ‘they have remained homeless and helpless.’
Today the most cherished dream of the villagers is to have a school.