Vardan Bostanjyan: I refuse to take you miserable pension (video)

The Constitutional Court of Armenia cannot serve as an example for other employers, Vazgen Safaryan, Chairman of the Native Commodity Producers Union, told a press conference on February 5 commenting on the allegations that the CC is already applying the mandatory funded pension system.
“The Constitutional Court and its accounting department are different structures. Deductions from employees’ wages have nothing to do with the Court’s decision,” said Mr. Safaryan.
He is more concerned about the ‘fate’ of the collected funds.
Former MP Vardan Bostanjyan says the changes introduced in the pension system are far from being reforms.
“If you really care about me, I can sign a document certifying that I refuse to receive the miserable pension given by the state and do not intend to live up to 65 years. I do not believe you, anyway,” Bostanjyan said addressing his words to the government officials.