Levon Zurabyan: Neglecting predators, you are hunting for small fish (video)

Armenia is dying of cancer, while the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition offers programs and proposals that can have the effect of Paracetamol, Levon Zurabyan, Head of the Armenian National Congress faction, said when assessing SCPEC’s policy with regard to oligopoly.
Another example of SCPEC’s quackery is that according to the Commission Armenia has left many countries behind in terms of competition. “In reality, Armenia has the lowest indicators. Azerbaijan and a number of African countries are ahead of us,” said Zurabyan.
He says the methods the Commission applies to punish the entities and companies for violating the rules of monopoly are simply pathetic. “Neglecting predatory sharks they are hunting for small fish. Don’t they know the oligarchs in Armenia? Why did they erase the name of Alex Grig Company from the list? Don’t they understand that they cannot ensure free economy unless they end oligopoly?”
Zurabyan then cited a World Bank report, which stated that the SCPEC is more concerned with prices than competition issues.
In his speech, SCPEC Chairman Artak Shaboyan thanked all those MPs who spoke positively about his work and the structure he heads.
He also responded to the remarks about the World Bank report. “The World Bank has studied a total of 30 entitles, where the level of centralization is high and is comparable to the volume of GDP.”
The National Assembly today finished hearings on the SCPEC 2014 program.