We’d better gave the 20% of our share to Russians (video)

The 300 million state debt has been piled illegally and in unconstitutional way.


Head of “Heritage” party Rouben Hakobyan announced about this today during NA session and turned to the suggestion of 1/3 of MPs of creating a delegation of “2011 state debt and gas prices”.


According to him, it hadn’t been clarified properly why that debt had been created and why there is such gap between the prices of the border and the one presented to the consumer, which is over 110% raise.


“You can’t have a 300 million state debt and not note in the state budget. You have violated the bill of “External debt”. You are accusing the opposition in manipulating this issue. We just want to know where this debt came from”.


Turning to the NA majority Rouben Hakobyan said: “I know the majority of you and I’m sure this will not be easy on your conscious. Just admit that the money had been pocketed, and that’s more persuasive”.

He reminded once more that the gas debt had a political purpose. “This process has started in 2013, April, however, had been hidden, so you could win the elections and keep your authority”.

Head of ARF fraction Armen Roustamyan considers it unacceptable that the authorities can act so quietly and secretly and as a result, we, the entire nation can suddenly come face to face with problems.

The idea of creating a delegation of gas price growth is welcoming and if NA takes this issue under its responsibility, the country will win.

“We had better gave the 20% of our share to Russians, it would have been descent”.