Raffi Hovhannisyan has something to say (video)

What will Raffi Hovhanisyan say to the citizens on February 18, is yet unknown. Deputy President of the “Heritage” party Armen Martirosyan informed today during the press conference that there will NOT be a rally on February 18, it’s a misinformation.

Talking about the leave of a young party member Daniel Ionnisyan from the party, Martirosyan noted that he does not see any problem.

“I wish him active social life. There are many active young people like Ionnisyan in the party. Some of them leave and new members come, who have their stand and dispositions”.

Martirosyan welcomed the latest act of Tevan Poghosyan, who had refused putting down his mandate

Talking about inner political developments, he noted that 90% of population believes that the social-economic situation worsens in the country and added that Armenia will lose its Independence by joining the Customs Union.