Where is the happiness? (video)

Statistics show that the Armenian nation smiles the least and considers itself the most unfortunate nation of all.

“I cannot consider myself happy, when I see a pensioner gathering piles from trash cans. We have overacted the Russian bums. In the 90’s we considered ourselves happy, as laws were not so restricted and there were not so much robbery. There is no happiness here. No happiness in Armenia”, says one of our compatriots.

Another part of the asked noted that there is happiness; we just need to be attentive to see:

“My parents and my family are by my side and that’s happiness. I’m happy for living in an Independent country”.


Second secretary of RA united Communist party Gegham Galstyan believes that “Independence destroyed our country”.

Gegham Galstyan is unfortunate since the day the Soviet Union collapsed. Some particles of his happiness are the flag of the Soviet Armenia, statue of Ilyich and the latter’s commandments considering families.

“The family is the base of the state”, Ilyich said.

Ethnographer Hranush Kharatyan wonders who is happy. She has not noted any sign of happiness among rich and famous.

“People and especially women believe that if you haven’t lost a baby, you are considered happy”.

She believes that happiness is hardly visible among Armenians, especially physiologically.

“There are serious problems of parathyroid; it’s a serious problem as it is responsible for person’s emotions”.